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Mission Statement

To set a new agenda for our community as a whole and Black youth in particular.

Our program are based upon our National Campaign “Four for the Future” which identifies four key areas  critical to achieving the 100’s commitment to developing leaders and ensuring the future of young African American males.

Mentoring, Education, Health and Wellness, and Economic Development (Pillars of the 100)

  • We look for the following criteria in our members:
  • Positive Role Model
  • Good Moral Character
  • High Ethical Standards
  • Demonstrates Community Involvement or Service
  • Adherence to the Mission and Objectives of the Organization

Candidate must be sponsored by a member in good standing

Upon receipt of the completed application, you will be contacted by the chair of the membership committee to arrange a personal interview.  Upon notification of your acceptance, you will be required to attend a Membership Orientation Session.